Sustainable solutions for the
textile & clothing industry


Recycled raw materials are in most cases more sustainable. Despite all promises of textile and clothing producers with respect to the use of sustainable products, recycled fibers are barely used by companies in these industrial sectors. Alcon Advies is involved in a number of initiatives, which aim at changes in this unwanted situation (also, see “Projects”).

Mechanical recycling

The most sustainable textile fibers are the mechanical recycled ones. As these fibers have to be blended with virgin fibers to obtain yarns and fabrics with sufficient mechanical strength, Alcon Advies has also built up knowledge on natural fibers like hemp and flax (linen) and chemical recycled fibers (cotton, polyester, polyamide). By blending such sustainable fibers with mechanical recycled fibers, high quality products can be made. For a ranking of the sustainability of textile fibers reference is made to the Fiber Benchmark of Made-by.

Recycled raw materials

There are still a number of producers of recycled textile raw materials in The Netherlands and Europe, while the production of fiber hemp and fiber flax is also growing steadily. Moreover, in The Netherlands these natural fibers are grown on a limited scale. Especially in Italy and Spain there are a number of textile companies active in the production of high added value yarns and fabrics based on recycled fibers. Alcon Advies has, as partner in REMO, access to a large range of yarns and fabrics based on recycled textiles.